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Realtor Review for Josett Gamble Homeward Real Estate December 23, 2019 In May of 2018 Josett Gamble found an investor who made a cash “as is” offer of $165,000 for my mom’s Residence in Tampa, Florida.

After Mom’s death in June of 2018, a neighbor, who was a retired investor, made a cash “as-is” offer of $199,900 in September of 2018 and the estimated proceeds of $190,999.20 would have been split between my brother and myself. However, Josett Gamble was conscientious and found another buyer who made a cash “as-is” offer of $215,000 which allowed my brother and I to inherit approximately $100,000 each. Because of Josett Gamble’s excellent Realtor skills, my brother and I were able to split the best offer for an “as-is” purchase of our late Mother’s home. I am especially thankful for Josett’s diligent efforts and therefore I would highly recommend her services to anyone living in Tampa, Florida . Sincerely, Marion Patten

Marion Ruth Patten

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